Each year, an average of 35 cyclists are killed and over 2,500 
are seriously injured on Australian public roads.

Road Safety Consulting

Transafe provides solutions to technical, complex and political planning road safety issues. Guidelines and industry standards can be difficult to follow and ambiguous to implement. By drawing on our experience you can be assured that project stages are not delayed & safety is achieved.

Traffic Management Design and Advice

Traffic management is a fine balance between managing various road users including drivers, cyclists and pedestrians, within constrained sites, tight timeframes and limited budgets. Transafe can assist you to develop suitable traffic management plans which not only comply with relevant standards and industry practice, but fit within the project extents.

Safety Barrier Design and Advice

This is an area often neglected by road safety practitioners due to a lack of understanding of the intricacies of barrier components and the intended performance of the system as a whole. Our experience in barrier design is highly recognised by our peers and statutory bodies. Transafe will help you maximise the operational performance of such complex systems.

Pedestrian and Cyclist Management

The demand for safe and efficient ways to manage pedestrians and cyclists within the road environment has never been such a priority. Transafe is abreast with best practice and can provide valuable insights into managing and protecting such vulnerable road users.

Public Transport Safety and Accessibility

The team at Transafe have been involved in some of the biggest public transport projects across Australia. Our experience and knowledge can add value to any public transport project.

Car Parks, Loading Bays, Manufacturing/Warehousing

Initial designs of car parks and loading bays may technically meet Australian Standards, but often safety aspects such as conflict points, appropriate pedestrian crossing points, and suitable positioning of disabled parking bays are overlooked. Transafe are able to apply their expertise to the wide and varying car park, loading bay, and manufacturing landscape to appropriately address the conflict and operational risks.