Safe transport systems are

vital to

Australia's continuing prosperity.

Transafe’s team are a useful tool for any project requiring "value-add” services to not only make your project safer, but to save time and money. It is well known that road safety reviews conducted during the conceptual stages of projects can result in significant project savings over the life of the project.

Project "value-add" Services

The team at Transafe are instrumental in assisting developers, designers and construction companies during tendering of projects, or soon after the award of a project to identify key areas of the project program where cost savings can be made without compromising on safety. Services available include:

  • Assisting with adherence to tender requirements or specifications

  • Facilitation of decision-making

  • Production of "best practice” advice

  • Developing new policies and assessing and improving existing policies

Policy Assessment and Development

Standards and guidelines often require modifying to meet the changing landscape. Our experience in current practice and knowledge of a vast range of standards across Australia and abroad can be used for the development of new policies and updating of existing policies.